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You are unique

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You have to believe that you are unique. Comparing yourself to others is like comparing an apple to an orange and this is absolutely a no brain comparison. I remembered this word yesterday when I was harsh on myself trying to evaluate and assess what I did in my life so far and trying to compare my accomplishments to others. At that moment, I said to myself, stop contempting what you are doing and stop doing a comparison. Yeah, this what every one of us should hold to - no comparison! but this is really hard and it requires training and continuously reminding ourselves.

Your skills and capabilities are different - how come you compare yourself to others who most probably enjoy a different skill set and passion. I will share with you a situation from my personal life - When I do have a challenging math question, I would turn to my wife, she will be happy to look into and spend a good time until she finds the answer. Wow, for me this is a daunting thing, annoying and I would lose my focus frequently in the process. On the other side, if when I am given a group of cartoon characters, I can use them to build a full comic story for kids from A to Z that is ready for publishing. My wife would be lost in such a thing.

It is best if we can complete each other - My wife is my best critique as she can spot small things and details in my work that I can easily overlook. My two cents are: stop criticizing yourself as a result of damn comparisons and look into your strength.

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